About Us

Architecture is never just a job, architecture is our passion, we sleep with it, dine with it, and swim with it. We excite ourselves on weaving our creativity with our client’s need and want.

We fuse ideas, we don’t copy, we create, we form, we produce, we intermarry them to form a powerful composition like a serene musical masterpiece.

We believe in reality and quality. we mold luxury within our client’s reach.
We dont treat it as just a project, with our always excited minds, we craft it to the point like it is also our own.




Graduated cum laude and equipped with a diversified 8 years of local and international experience, Joy is the managing director of SIM architects. Having handled projects around Southeast Asia, China and India, Joy is managing vertical and denser projects and has maintained a pedigree of exposure crafting local and international landscape as well. Denser just means less to her.


After graduating cum laude and salutatory of their architecture batch, Luther vigorously trained under well known architects on the lands of the luxurious. From houses, buildings, resorts, interior spaces and museums, he is well versed and well oriented in all aspects of architecture from conceptualizing ideas to finishing a project into detail and top rank. Similar with Joy, his 8 yrs of diversified local and international experience fuels their exposed creativity and professionalism in the field of architecture, as the firm’s design principal, he exposes himself to international creations and bringing his learning and exposure within reach to the local market. Yes, we don’t just give you a box.. We give you space.. in its most powerful¬†form.




We don’t just design or draw our ideas.

We COMMUNICATE. We design, build and manage the projects based on your idea.

We LISTEN to you. We listen to your wildest dreams and make our interpretation the product of your great imagination.

We COMPETE, not with fellow competitor’s price..we compete with the integrity and quality of our intentions on meeting the project’s quality and finding the right builder to make the overall budget within reality’s reach.

We PRODUCE. We don’t just draw to finish the project. We produce a great quality and quantity of drawings making it the Project’s Bible for no reason a contractor to go wrong in building your imagination.